Scope of Work

Our Scope of Works includes but not limited to:-

  • Large scale Earth Works (Excavation, Backfilling, Shoring and Dewatering. Soil types ranges from hard rock to very soft clay).
  • Concrete and Asphalt Roads Construction.
  • Marine works (Shore Protection, Terminal Construction & Dredging Works).
  • Foundation & Utilities Works.
  • Building Works.
Health, Safety and Environment

Health, Safety and Environment has always been in the core of interest of top management as intolerable prime goal. The matter that kept a company clear records through all previous projects testified by government (Egyptian Bureau of Labor) and clients

  • Zero loss-making projects. Loss makers destroy profitability and customer relationships
  • Zero accidents, whereby the safety of our personnel as well as subcontractors, suppliers and general public is ensured at and around our projects
  • Zero environmental incidents, by which our projects should be executed in a manner that minimizes environmental impact
  • Zero defects, with the double aim of improving the bottom line and increasing customer satisfaction
  • Maintenance

    Maintenance is what keeps us way ahead our competent through:-

    • Implementing strict preventive maintenance plan for equipment adapting manufacturer’s instructions through their authorized agents.
    • Providing main maintenance and repair workshop for long term maintenance, plus on site mobile workshops for short term and corrective maintenance.